This has been a great couple of weeks for the NORCE Center for Modeling Social Systems. Last week we found out our international team received an EU HORIZON grant on reducing food waste and this week we found out we received another on “Greening the Last Mile.” The total budget is approximately 8 million EUR.

Both grants will likely begin around November so it is going to be a busy fall for our team!

Abstract of the original proposal: “URBANE brings together a multidisciplinary group of 41 partners from 12 different EU Member States, including 12 cities, industry leaders in logistics services, novel solution providers for shared, connected and automated operations and research experts to codevelop novel last mile delivery solutions combining green automated vehicles and shared space utilisation models. The project will support the transition path towards effective, resilient, safe and sustainable last mile transport, through four Lighthouse Living Labs (Helsinki, Bologna, Valladolid and Thessaloniki, that will demonstrate TRL7/8 efficient, replicable and socially acceptable innovative last mile delivery solutions (Wave 1 LLs), building on existing TRL>5 assets. Hands-on lesson learning at European level will beprimarily facilitated by an Innovation Transferability Platform comprising Digital Twinning Tools, open models, smart contracts
governed by blockchain technology and a data-driven Impact Assessment Radar that will enable the adaptation and replication of Wave 1 solutions in two Twinning LLs in Barcelona and Karlsruhe (Wave 2 LLs), demonstrating their own solutions within the course of the project. URBANE’s commitment to upscaling is further strengthened by the engagement of six early adopters (Follower Cities) in innovations’ adoption feasibility studies, thus stimulating the formulation of new LL communities across Europe. The approach employs social simulation tools to experiment with possible strategies. URBANE will provide evidence of the real introduction of the Physical Internet in urban deliveries for the first time.”