The Secularism & Nonreligion journal has just published my article on “Simulating Secularities: Challenges and Opportunities in the Computational Science of Religion,” available open access online and for download here.

Here is the abstract:

“This article provides scholars of nonreligion and secularism with an introduction to some of the major opportunities and challenges associated with the growing application of computational methods to the phenomena they study. It also illustrates these opportunities and challenges by describing several overlapping research projects and some of the models of (non)religion they have produced. Finally, the article addresses some of the significant philosophical issues surrounding the use of computer modeling and simulation, focusing on the ethical and epistemological concerns that these tools often raise. I invite scholars of nonreligion to consider adding these techniques to their methodological toolkits, and to join in on the fascinating and important conversations about simulating secularities that these models engender.”

The article is part of a special issue in Secularism & Nonreligion on “Computer Modeling of Secularism and Nonreligion.” The other articles published so far in the special issue are available online here.