Along with Andreas Tolk, I’m co-hosting a special track for the 2021 WinterSim conference on “Simulation and Philosophy.” More details available online here. The deadline is 5 April. Here is the basic call:

Professionals and academics in the field of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) are increasingly interested in philosophical issues that underlie or surround their work. These include issues related to ethics, epistemology, ontology, emergence, normativity, and more. At the same time, philosophers are increasingly interested in utilizing M&S methodologies as tools for thinking about complex logical, social, metaphysical, political, and other problems. Within this track on Simulation and Philosophy we welcome contributions engaging theoretical and methodological issues as well as case studies in the application of philosophy to simulation or the application of simulation to philosophy. Relevant topics include:

  • Ethics and M&S
  • Philosophical Assumptions and Implications in M&S
  • Epistemology of M&S
  • Computational social science and Artificial Societies
  • Simulation Applications for and of Humanities
  • M&S Contributions to Social Justice, Equality, and Other Societal Challenges